Come discover  The Real Jack Frost

Priscilla Houliston has completed the second fairytale book in a series of four about the seasons.

The Real Jack Frost is an illustrated poetic story in Jack's own voice, with a Scottish accent, about a day in the life of The Real Jack Frost.

Discover the fun, adventure, animals and feelings of exploring Scotland with this 52-page paperback filled with pure joy of the Winter season.

Her first book in this series, Lady of the Leaves, which tells the tale of Autumn and how the leaves really change their color, was illustrated and written by Priscilla while doing livestreams on her TikTok account, The1870Studio. After the lives, Priscilla would upload the entire creation process on The1870Studio YouTube channel for everyone to watch the process anytime they wanted to.

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Once upon a time I decided it was a good idea to ride our bicycles up the East Coast of America. Almost 7 months & 3,000 miles later, it turns out, I was right! Read all about our adventure on two wheels of a lifetime!

Alexander's Twiddle Bug

The tale of how two boys from different worlds can become friends on a sunny day in June.
Written and illustrated by Priscilla.

Lady of the Leaves

First in a series of four books that tell us all about the seasons, this beautiful story will touch your heart and teach you how the leaves really change color.

The1870 Adventures

In 2024 Priscilla will begin working on an illustrated book of the history of the old church in the mountains of Pennsylvania she calls home.
From the start of the church, to the present use as a studio, home and place of creation, Priscilla will share stories of locals, historic documents and bring the past to life in words & pictures.


The size and space in the old church is perfect for creating a variety of arts & crafts. Some of the areas include:
Cemetery Studio (fused glass)
Tiki Room (Seaglass & jewelry)
East Window Wood Carving
Frankenstein Table in library for painting
Discover what living and working in your dream looks like for Priscilla & Morton.


Some of the original artwork that Priscilla creates ends up on some lovely merchandise you can purchase to help support the artist, the art and the entire lifestyle of living in your dreams!

About us

Priscilla & Morton met online in the early part of 2001 and a fast friendship formed. You can read all about it with the book, How I Met My Morton.

Here we are 22 years later with so many adventures shared and now all our friends from social media on this journey with us.

We can't wait for you to join us for all the fun!


Priscilla & Morton

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The1870 Studio


Winter Wonderland

Pennsylvania 2022

The Real Jack Frost

Written & Illustrated by Priscilla Houliston at The1870Studio